The Studio of Karina Nishi Marcus

Now at Atelier One, Studio 8, 2860 Bowen St, Graton, CA 95444


Karina Nishi Marcus’ paintings can be seen on the sets of major motion pictures and TV shows
including “Midge’s Painting ‘#4’,” from
Mad Men, her 24x36 acrylic on canvas “Levels of Illusion V.”
You may notice her striking abstract works on NCIS, CSI: NY, Parenthood, Rules of Engagement, Brothers & Sisters, Harry’s Law, Big Bang Theory, House, Bones, Monk and Lie to Me.
We invite you to view different series of her work from the links on the right. Most are available for sale.

I work spontaneously to grow paintings as Nature creates,
looking through the visible world to the undercurrents of inner forces.
I have no preconceived concepts when I approach the canvas.
My passion for color is my guide, by love of pigment.
I work in oil and acrylic on canvas and various textures and surfaces.
Each brush stroke combines challenge and conciliation, a conversation outside of words,
an exchange before language. The canvas is an environment, a door to enter,
the wild frontier of space, another world to explore.

Through voyages to many countries, I am influenced by myriad cultures and traditions,
myths, histories of aesthetics and commonplace mysteries.
But I am continually nourished by my primal sources:
the natal waters of my ocean Pacific and the forests of the coastal redwoods.
Though I bring all formal considerations of space, light, structure,
and atmosphere to the abstracts, there is liberation in the release of image.
My shapes become submerged in space, interacting with color and,
floating as spectral forms in refracted twilight,
open into a world of dreams and illuminations.

Painting and Nature,
a confluence of retrospection,
a meeting of holy waters.
Painting is the embrace of Nature.
Painting is the gate of heaven.